About race


    Imagine how you finally come not to the swimming pool, but to the open water, how you hear the countdown and dive into the lake, how you make smooth and balanced movements to swim your distance, how you compete with fellow athletes, how you run to the transit zone, change your clothes, put on your running shoes, how you overtake that guy, cross the finish line, get your medal and think to yourself, “Yes, I did it!”

    Incredible emotions that only a live race can give you. Experience them on May 16 at AQUATHLON KYIV CUP.

    Register and start training for your triumph!


    Within this race you will need to:

    • swim 1 km;
    • run 5 km.


    Starting line location:

    18А Pavla Tychyny avenue

    Location of stages:

    Swimming — lake Telbin, running— Berezniaky (around lake Telbin).


    Please, notice! There is a time limit for this race:

    • a participant is not admitted to the second stage (running) if the participant exceeds the time limit of 30 minutes set for the first (swimming) stage;
    • overall time limit — 1 hour 20 minutes.

    Entry fee:

    Slots Until
    64 -
    Fee for NGO Entry fee price for members of 1100 UAH 1400 UAH 1700 UAH
    Entry fee price 1320 UAH 1680 UAH 2040 UAH

    Entry fee covers

    • race bib number with participant’s name — 1 pc. (for those registered by April 25, 2021);
    • accident insurance that covers participation in sports competitions on the day of the race;
    • swimming cap
    • plastic backpack — 2 pcs.;
    • access to changing rooms and luggage storage;
    • medical support;
    • participant’s guide;
    • map of the route;
    • official event poster;
    • result capturing electronic chip;
    • food and hydration stations: one on the running stage, one at the finish line;
    • finisher’s medal (presented upon completion of the distance within the set time limit);
    • finisher’s pack: an apple, banana, water, etc.;
    • special offers from our partners.