Rules of the Triathlon Race of the NGO “Run Ukraine”


    [spoiler title=”1. Date, Time, and Location” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-1″]

    Date:  May 16, 2021

    Time:     07:00 – 13:30   


    Star point: Kyiv, 18A Pavla Tychyny ave.

    Finish: Kyiv, 18A Pavla Tychyny ave.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”2. Race Objectives” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-2″]

    “AQUATHLON KYIV CUP 2021” (hereinafter – the Race) is held to popularize and promote triathlon in Ukraine, as well as:

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”3. Organizers, Patronage, and Sponsors” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-3″]

    NGO “Run Ukraine” serves as the Race Organizer.

    Under the patronage of:


    The Organizer establishes an Organizing Committee from among its own staff, as well as engages sport-specific specialists from various sports.

    The Organizing Committee consists of:

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”4. Conditions of the Race” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-4″]

    The Race is launched during quarantine restrictions implemented by the Government of Ukraine.

    The Organizers are considering 2 possible formats of the Race:


    Main differences:

    There is no prize fund in the case of the “yellow” scenario.

    In case of the “yellow” scenario, the Race will be taking place in a park zone with the routes mapped in several laps. The participants will start in “waves” of 100 participants each. 

    In case of the “yellow” scenario, children’s races may be canceled.

    In case of the “yellow” scenario, there may be some restrictions for the audience.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”5. Race program (only for the “green” scenario)” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-5″]

    Starter packs will be distributed to the participants at the Expo on May 15, 2021.


    Please, notice! Starter packs will not be distributed on the day of the Race on May 16, 2021, under any circumstances.


    May 16, 2021 – Kyiv, 18A Pavla Tychyny ave.:

    The schedule of races is to be announced at a later date.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”6. Race entry conditions” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-6″]

    Participants enter the Race upon presenting the required documents at the time of receiving their starter packs:


    All registered participants bear sole responsibility for their lives and health during the Race and sign appropriate statements.

    Please, notice!

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”7. Emergency situations during the Race” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-7″]


    In the event State Emergency Service issues a warning of possible significant deterioration of weather conditions in the region on the eve of or on the day of the Race or there is a threat to human life and health due to severe weather phenomena (including but not limited to earthquake, flood, hurricane, hail, cyclone, storm, lightning, other natural disasters), the Race Organizer reserves the right to take measures to ensure the safety of participants, audience, fans and all those who directly or indirectly participate in the Race.

    The Race Organizing Committee has developed an internal safety scale, according to which in case of severe weather phenomena, the Organizing Committee will act in accordance with the plan and require all participants to strictly comply with its requirements, namely:

    1st level of danger – wind with a force of 7-9 meters per second – dismantling of inflatable arches, light structures (including mileage indicators), light awnings, promotional and photo zones.

    2nd level of danger – wind with a force of 9.5-10 meters per second – dismantling of all awnings, photo zones, as well as dismantling of the crossbar of the start-finish arch.

    The project manager will ask you to remove anything that may be dangerous. 

    High probability of cancellation of children’s races. The decision to hold or cancel them will be made immediately before the start of the children’s races based on the actual weather conditions at that time.

    3rd level of danger – wind with a force of 11 meters per second and more – a collegial decision to hold or cancel the Race will be made.

    The committee in charge of making this decision consists of Dmytro Chernitskyi, Director of the NGO “Run Ukraine”, Ivan Tretiakov, Project Manager, a representative of the SES in the region, a representative of the title sponsor of the Race (or another official of the title sponsor of the Race).


    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”8. Courses and Routes” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-8″]

    The route of the Race is mapped around Kyiv.

    The maps of the routes will be announced later.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”9. Registration for the Race” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-9″]

    Participants are allowed to enter the Race provided proper and timely registration for the Race.

    Registration is available on-line on the Organizer’s website 


    Online registration of participants is open from February 09, 2021 through May 15, 2021 (in case of available slots).

    There will be no registration on the day of the Race, on May 16, 2021.

    The Race Organizer has the right to suspend or completely close the registration without any prior notification in case of reaching an established limit of participants.

    A participant is considered registered if an application is filled out and the entry fee is paid.

    The registration fee paid by a participant is non-refundable no matter the circumstances, including but not limited to: a participant is unable to participate in the Race, to complete the course of choice or finish it within the given time limits, in case of disqualification or if the Race is canceled due to unpredictable consequences of COVID-19 pandemic or force majeure circumstances, etc.

    The registration is considered canceled in case submitted data is inaccurate and/or false. In case of registration cancellation, the entry fee is not refunded.

    Paid registration can not be canceled, entry fees are non-refundable.

    A participant can request a starter pack to be mailed to them one week prior to the Race using Nova Poshta services. This is a paid service. A participant should purchase a certificate covering postal charges.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”10. The starter pack may be given to the third person upon presenting the following documents:” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-10″]
    1. The document certifying the identity of a person receiving the starter pack (passport, driver’s license, etc)
    2. Copy of documents certifying the identity of a person that purchased registration.
    3. Copy of the license of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine.
    4. Starter’s letter signed by the person that purchased registration.
    5. Statement signed by the person that purchased the registration with the following text:


    To the Director of NGO “Run Ukraine” 

    Chernitskyi D.L.

    I, (full name of the person that purchased registration), ask you to give the starter pack with the number (participant’s race number) to my representative (full name of the person receiving the starter pack) due to the fact that I am unable to receive it in person. 


    Date and signature of the person that purchased registration. 


    Please, notice! Paragraph 10 does not apply to the participants of any relay or team races, namely Relay Aquathlon and Team 4xAquathlon.

    It means that every participant of a relay or a team race must personally pick up his/her starter pack upon presenting an ID on the day of distribution of starter packs at Expo2021.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”11. Entry fee for individual registrations” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-11″]

    Entry fee for the course Aquathlon at stage 1 – 63 slots: 1100 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 1320 UAH;

    Entry fee for the course Aquathlon at stage 2 – 150 slots: 1400 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 1680 UAH;

    Entry fee for the course Aquathlon at stage 3 – 38 slots: 1700 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 2040 UAH.


    Entry fee for the course Team 4xAquathlon at stage 1 – 2 slots: 4400 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 5280 UAH;

    Entry fee for the course Team 4xAquathlon at stage 2 – 2 slots: 5600 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 6720 UAH;

    Entry fee for the course Team 4xAquathlon at stage 3 – 1 slot: 6800 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 8160 UAH.


    Entry fee for the course Relay Aquathlon at stage 1 – 8 slots: 1400 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 1680 UAH;

    Entry fee for the course Relay Aquathlon at stage 2 – 18 slots: 2000 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 2400 UAH;

    Entry fee for the course Relay Aquathlon at stage 3 – 4 slots: 2600 UAH for members of NGO, and the basic registration fee is 3120 UAH.


    Money transfer commission is not included in the entry fee amount stated above.

    Entry fee payment is to be made online using the Organizer’s website

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”12. Starter packs, receiving starter packs” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-12″]

    The starter packs will be distributed on May 15 at Expo.

    The starter pack of a participant on the course Aquathlon includes:


    The starter pack of a team on the course Team 4xAquathlon includes: 

    The starter pack of a team on the course Relay Aquathlon includes:


    The participant must pick up the starter pack on the designated distribution date. Starter pack ownership rights are transferred to the participant on the distribution date, regardless of his or her presence or absence. In case of no show, the Organizers take on the responsibility of preserving the goods for one calendar month starting from the date of the Race. During this month the participant can obtain it directly from the Organizers or arrange to have it delivered by the courier service at his or her own expense. After one calendar month from the date of the Race is over, the Organizers withdraw any liability for the security of the product and have the right to dispose of it at any moment.

    Participants are to pick up starter packs in person upon presenting the starting letter and ID.

    Participants that failed to join the Race can obtain their starter packs within 30 days after the competition at the Organizer’s office, having preliminary sent notification about their intention to do so by e-mail: [email protected]. They also can place a request to have it delivered to a specified address.

    Delivery of starter packs is done at the expense of the participant. If possible, the Organizer arranges for partners to provide free delivery.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”13. Team competitions (teams and relay) of triathletes” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-13″]

    Mixed teams from commercial and non-profit organizations consisting of 2 persons are permitted to participate in the relay. 

    If an organization can not find 2 members from within the organization, it can invite volunteers.


    A team is considered registered if its representative filled out the application, registration form and paid the entry fee for the team.

    Each participant is assigned a particular relay stage upon registration. The order of participants can be changed through May 15, 2021 on the website in the participant’s personal profile.


    To participants’ attention:



    Violation of any of the above rules will result in disqualification of the entire team.

    The result of a relay team is the result of the last participant at the finish line of the last stage of the relay.

    The result of a team is the sum of the official results of all two team members.

    Payment for participation in a corporate relay is performed by bank transfer on the basis of the invoice issued by the Organizers. Documents confirming the payment should be sent to the email [email protected] no later than 10 days prior to the event. All questions regarding organization of corporate relay are to be sent to the email address [email protected].

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”14. For corporate teams:” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-14″]

    For questions regarding terms of registration, please email [email protected] 

    Contact person – Hennadii Serheiev.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”15. Food and Hydration Stations” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-15″]

    Food stations and hydration stations are located at 2.5 km of the running stage and at the finish line. They have water, medical care, toilets, and volunteer assistance available.

    [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”16. Award ceremony” style=”fancy” anchor=”Spoiler-16″]

    Course Aquathlon:

    On the course Aquathlon, awards are given to men and women in the absolute championship.


    The official time used for calculation of the overall ranking of men and women is the time since the starting gunshot (Gun Time).  


    Prize scale in case the Race takes place on the certified route 

    Prize scale, absolute championship (currency – UAH) :

    “Green zone” Race“Yellow zone” Race


    Please, notice:




    Course Team 4хAquathlon:

    On the course Team 4xAquathlon awards are given to those winning places 1 through 3. 

    The teams of the course Team 4xAquathlon will be included in the overall ranking among men and women on the course Aquathlon.


    Relay Aquathlon

    On the course Relay Aquathlon awards are given to the teams winning places 1 through 3 in the absolute championship in three categories:

    The winners receive memorable prizes. 


    Please, notice! Upon finishing, the winning teams must come to the Referee Tent to present identification documents to confirm the stated make-up of the team.